REVIEW: Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Brewery
New York, USA

Starting this blog has been a long time coming and what better what to begin then with one of the finest lagers and most iconic around, the Brooklyn Lager produced by microbrewery Brooklyn Brewery. The brewery was first founded in 1987 (a year before I was born) by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter. It is easily one of the most famous and has obviously influenced several microbreweries across the world.

It was a couple of years ago that I was introduced to the rather strong but soothing Brooklyn Lager and I’ve been hooked ever since. Brooklyn Lager is amber in colour and there is a seriously strong taste of hops. At 5.2% it certainly does pack a punch, you’ll be feeling pretty light-headed after a few.

Although an obvious choice of lager and one I am sure most people have heard of it is always important to write about breweries and beers that have influenced so many. That is exactly how I feel about the Brooklyn. Brooklyn Lager has one of the  iconic designs and is incredibly recognisable in pubs, shops and bars. Thankfully many chain supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have started to stock the 355ml bottles. Brooklyn Brewery really has the branding, marketing and design spot on.

Brooklyn Lager ranks as one of my all-time favourite drops of amber. If I spot it on draught in a pub then I find it pretty hard to resist a pint of. The ‘B’ logo on the bottle top really epitomises the branding of the company and oozes cool.

All round it is a class act and fully deserves the following scores:

Taste: 5
Design: 5
Bottle Top: 5


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