REVIEW: Efes Draft

Efes Draft
Efes Beverage Group
Istanbul, Turkey

To me, Efes is a snooker club in Dalston that for a few years was taken over by Hackney and Dalston types. But it also a Turkish brewing company that was founded in 1969 and is one of the biggest companies in the world, in fact according to Wikipedia it is the 12th largest in the world. Impressive.
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REVIEW: Brixton Brewery Reliance Pale Ale

Reliance Pale Ale
Brixton Brewery
Brixton, London, UK

In the last post I reviewed a beer from the oldest brewery in the UK (Shepherd Neame) so it seemed right to talk about one of the newest breweries around, if not the newest? I’ve only been aware of Brixton Brewery for a couple of weeks and officially the brewery and its beers were official as of October 16th. Surely making it the newest brewery on the block? It is always fantastic to see new breweries because variety is always a good thing, in my opinion at least.

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REVIEW: Doom Bar

Doom Bar
Sharp’s Brewery
Cornwall, UK

I’ve drunk litres of Doom Bar. In fact I often rate a pub highly if they have Doom Bar on draught. I could write a separate post about how sick I am of the options on some pubs and when the only “ale” to drink is John Smith’s or Greene┬áKing. However, if I spot the Doom Bar logo I can drink five or six pints with ease.
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REVIEW: Shepheard Neame India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale
Shepherd Neame
Faversham, UK

I’ve had the Shepherd Neame India Pale Ale sat on the shelf in my kitchen for a while waiting for the right time to consume it. I am of the opinion that pale ale is tastier than IPA but I can always appreciate a strong IPA like the Shepherd Neame IPA. The ale is produced by the Shepherd Neame brewery in Faversham and happens to be the oldest brewery in the UK. It was first founded in 1698 and has been family run since 1864. In a time when there are microbreweries popping up every few months it is always important to taste beer that has been crafted for centuries.

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