REVIEW: Little Creatures Pale Ale

Little Creatures Pale Ale
Little Creatures Brewery
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Based in Fremantle, Perth in Western Australia the Little Creatures Brewery is the Australian version of Brooklyn Brewery. It was only founded 13 years ago in 2000 and the name was inspired by the Talking Heads, pretty rad, right? The name ‘Little Creatures’ is a reference to a song lyric from the Talking Heads ‘Little Creatures’ album and refers to the live yeast cells that turn the sugars in malt wort into alcohol.

The Little Creatures Pale Ale is the original ale by the brewery and is a traditional American pale ale, akin to the Brooklyn Brewery pale ale. The brewery and its pale ale has won several awards over the years and is one of the finest pale ales around. You can really tell that the Little Creatures Brewery was inspired by American ale, which is definitely no bad thing when they’ve managed to create such an addictive, refreshing but at the same time bitter tipple.

The ale is quite a dark in colour and as previously mentioned it is very bitter in flavour. There is definitely a strong aroma as you taste your first sip, it hits you immediately. The brewery says, “Preservative and additive free, our Pale Ale is live-yeast conditioned for unmatched freshness and character.” Little Creatures is brimming with taste and flavour. Little Creatures is definitely my favourite Australian ale and possibly one of my favourite pale ales. Alongside its fantastic flavour it has a strong branding that makes it stand out from many other breweries.

Little Creatures is generally quite tricky to find, however it is becoming slightly more accessible in boutique beer and wine shops along with many bars in metropolitan areas.



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