REVIEW: London Fields Brewery Shoreditch Triangle IPA

London Fields Brewery
Shoreditch Triangle IPA
London Fields, UK

London Fields quietly go about their business creating some fantastic ale and the Shoreditch Triangle IPA is a fine drop. As previously mentioned on this blog I am more of a pale ale advocate than IPA however the London Fields Shoreditch Triangle IPA is a lovely tipple.

With a very full and rich flavour it’s dark in colour and has a bitter after taste. The Shoreditch Triangle IPA at 6% is quite strong and bitter with no real sweetness. It is addictive and very, very moreish. London Fields has become a big staple in my life, whatever the variety you know you are guaranteed a quality ale when you buy one of their beers.

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Made from 3 hops and 3 grains the Shoreditch Triangle is a classic American tasting IPA hand crafted in London Fields. The rather amusing tasting notes say, “Barley Oat and Wheat were sitting by a shady tree out in the countryside when Columbus and a Chinook Indian from the Centennial days of America came into sight. Barley said to Oat and Wheat “how is that possible?”, Columbus and the Indian said something about heading to Shoreditch in London. The rest is history.” London Fields has positioned itself as one of the most respected micro breweries. Every beer is interesting and tasty. When I am in a pub if I spot the London Fields Brewery logo amongst tens of other breweries I regularly recommend their beers.

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The Shoreditch Triangle is a must try for IPA lovers out there.



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