REVIEW: The Five Points Brewing Co Five Points Ale

The Five Points Brewing Company
Five Points Pale
Hackney, London, UK

The Five Points Brewing Company are a relatively new microbrewery based towards Hackney Central station in between Rectory Road and Hackney. They opened this year with three varieties including the Five Points Pale which unsurprisingly is my favourite. Although the porter is really lovely, too. Following a series of opening events down at the brewery Five Points have been slowly building their excellent reputation.

Five Points has started appearing in more and more pubs across London and they’ve made it down to many beer events including the most recent craft beer market in Spitalfields. Their stall along with Beavertown was the busiest and they’d run out of many varieties mid-way through the day. The Five Points Pale has an incredibly sweet and strong smell as you approach the bottle top. It is very fresh and is heavily influenced by American pale ale. The Five Points Pale ale is a very appealing amber colour.

There is a slight bitterness and zesty aroma. It is incredibly easy to drink and I think it is best served chilled straight from the fridge for maximum flavour. I’d previously had a room temperature bottle at work and it didn’t quite taste the same. Five Points has really landed as a big player in the craft beer boom this year and it is no big surprise to me. Following on from a talk from the head brewer back in the summer you could tell that they knew their stuff. This pale ale is absolutely delicious. The branding is simple but really, really impressive and effective.

The Five Points Brewing Company has quickly become one of my favourite brewing companies. Go taste why!



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