REVIEW: Beavertown 8 Ball

Beavertown Brewery
8 Ball Rye IPA
Hackney, London, UK

Beavertown 8-Ball

Founded in 2011 in Hackney, it’s named Beavertown because centuries ago Hackney was apparently called Beavertown. I previously gave Gamma Ray a glowing review here, with an overall of 5, probably one of the highest reviews thus far. How would the Rye IPA compare? Pretty fucking well.

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REVIEW: Fourpure Brewing Co. IPA

Fourpure Brewing Co.

Bermondsey, London, UK

Fourpure Brewing Co
Fourpure Brewing Co. are a fairly new craft beer brewing company in the UK. They are based in Bermondsey alongside Partizan, Kernel and Brew By Numbers. The brewery was founded in 2013 by brothers Daniel and Thomas Lowe. The name is inherited from the four main ingredients that are used to produce beer – grain, malt, hops and water.
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REVIEW: CRATE Brewery Best Bitter

CRATE Brewery
Best Bitter
Hackney Wick, London, UK

CRATE Brewery opened up in summer 2012, just in time for the Olympics in London. Located in Hackney Wick it’s also located not too far from the Olympic park and sells pizza, pretty rad. Located in The White Building CRATE Brewery is a unique experience mixing craft beer and stone baked pizza, the absolute dream.

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REVIEW: Redchurch Brewery Bethnal Pale Ale

The Redchurch Brewery
Bethnal Pale Ale
Bethnal Green, London, UK

Whilst other breweries such as Beavertown, Camden Town and Kernel pick up the plaudits and rightly so The Redchurch Brewery quietly goes about its business producing some lovely brews. Based in Bethnal Green I first discovered The Redchurch Brewery in Honest Burgers who stock the Bethnal Pale Ale.
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