REVIEW: Redchurch Brewery Bethnal Pale Ale

The Redchurch Brewery
Bethnal Pale Ale
Bethnal Green, London, UK

Whilst other breweries such as Beavertown, Camden Town and Kernel pick up the plaudits and rightly so The Redchurch Brewery quietly goes about its business producing some lovely brews. Based in Bethnal Green I first discovered The Redchurch Brewery in Honest Burgers who stock the Bethnal Pale Ale.

It’s a classic pale ale and is obviously influenced by American craft breweries of years gone past. It has has a hoppy and quite acidic aroma to it and a unique after taste that is full of hops and malt. The tasting notes say the Bethnal Pale is, “an inspiring blend of english malts and american hops fuse to provide a distinctive malt character and a clean citrus hop aroma and finely balanced bitterness.”

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It’s very light in colour and is incredibly refreshing like most other pale ales, but this one is slightly different in that it has a more distinct malt-ness to it. The branding is very simple but equally effective and I’m massively keen to try their other products especially the stout and IPA.

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#bethnal #pale #ale #redchurch #brewery

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Overall it is a lovely tipple that I recommend everyone trying.



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