REVIEW: Fourpure Brewing Co. IPA

Fourpure Brewing Co.

Bermondsey, London, UK

Fourpure Brewing Co
Fourpure Brewing Co. are a fairly new craft beer brewing company in the UK. They are based in Bermondsey alongside Partizan, Kernel and Brew By Numbers. The brewery was founded in 2013 by brothers Daniel and Thomas Lowe. The name is inherited from the four main ingredients that are used to produce beer – grain, malt, hops and water.

The IPA has a strong ABV of 6.5%, but the beauty of this IPA is that despite having a high ABV it doesn’t taste like it. Something breweries are constantly trying to strive for. This a new English style IPA and isn’t much like the American counterparts you’ve probably tasted before, like Flying Dog. It does have a bitter element to it but at the same time it is very refreshing.

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The bottle suggests that it is inspired by Oregon, in the US but this is another English brewery making fantastic beers. The beer is amber in colour and has a strong hop aroma to it. The branding of Fourpure is very simple, which I think is very good. They’ve just started producing their brews in cans, which I think is a very good idea. When people think of cans unfortunately they think of terrible beers but it’s good to see a craft brewery trying to change the image of canned beer.

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Fourpure IPA is a good solid India Pale Ale that I’d recommend.



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