REVIEW: Volkan Santorini Blonde

Santorini Blonde
Santorini, Greece


So last year I went to Greece and found two breweries on the island of Santorini and was able to sample them both whilst on the island. However, I was also able to bring back a few bottles in my luggage and Santorini Blonde by microbrewery Volkan was one of them. The other was Red Donkey by Santorini Brewery Company that I previously waxed lyrically about here.

Unfortunately it turns out that only one brewery in Santorini is producing great craft beers and it certainly isn’t Volkan! Although slightly better than regular Greek beers like Mythos etc it is just very bland and average in taste. I also tried Santorini Black whilst out there and also managed to smuggle a bottle back and that was even worse than the Blonde, so bad I had to bin the majority of it. The Blonde is slightly better and I was able to finish the whole bottle.

It’s a lovely colour and the branding is fantastic. Even the idea that ingredients from the old volcano on the island of Santorini was somehow used in the making of this beer is lovely, if a bit farfetched but the beer is just not good enough. I’d definitely recommend visiting Santorini to get hold of any of the Santorini Brewing Company beers and because it is beautiful place to visit, but just make sure you avoid this beer.

I would love to finish this off with a bad pun based around volcanos but this beer drinking experience hasn’t been worth it!



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