REVIEW: Brew By Numbers 05/05 India Pale Ale Simcoe & Chinook

Brew By Numbers
05/05 India Pale Ale Simcoe & Chinook
Bermondsey, London, UK

On a recent what I would call pilgrimage to the Bermondsey beer mile I stopped off at the rather impressive albeit underrated Brew By Numbers brewery and was seriously impressed. The variety of beers Brew By Numbers, often referred to as BBNo offered was incredible and for someone who loves an IPA I went straight for the 05/05 India Pale Ale, Simcoe & Chinook.

So impressed with the flavour I picked up a couple of bottles to enjoy at home. Brew By Numbers was founded in 2012 by Tom Hutchings and David Seymour after meeting in China. The pair shared a love for craft beer and started making home-brews in a friends basement. They now run the operation out of a beautiful archway in Bermondsey and create some of the best craft beer in London. Whilst most people head down to Bermondsey to visit The Kernel and rightly-so Brew By Numbers is quietly producing interesting and impressive beer. None more so than the 05/05 IPA which incorporates Simcoe & Chinook in abundance and as a result has a big American influence.

This beer is brewed with German wheat malts but has a distinctive American IPA flavour largely due to the Simcoe & Chinook used. It has a very strong pungent hops smell, so if you’re a lover of hops then this one is definitely a beer for you. It has a beautiful golden colour and I can most definitely confirm it should be consumed chilled. You can find Brew By Numbers in bottle form at  various beer shops across London, however I recommend Sourced Market (Kings Cross), Borough Wines (Stoke Newington) or Clapton Craft (Clapton). Failing that why not head down to the brewery, try some beers straight from the brewery and pick up a couple of bottles whilst you’re there.

This is one of the best London IPA craft beers I’ve had. Up there with The Kernel et al.



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