REVIEW: Brixton Brewery Electric IPA

Brixton Brewery
Electric IPA
Brixton, London, UK

I previously got excited by Brixton Brewery last year when I tried their Reliance Pale Ale, you can read about my thoughts here. As I mentioned in that post Brixton are one of the newer breweries in the UK but since they first opened have really put a stamp on the UK craft beer scene. Starting with three beers, the aforementioned Reliance Pale Ale, the Effra Ale and this wonderful Electric IPA. They’ve now got a couple more beers in stock that I’m yet to try including the Atlantic APA and Windrush Stout. This newly founded brewery is one of the finest in the UK and none more so than the Electric IPA.

Recently I find myself more and more craving IPA rather than pale ale, which used to be the opposite. But it is the hoppy, bitter and malty sweetness that makes me always wanting more IPA. A good IPA has that special smell when you pop it open and Brixton’s Electric IPA has all the good elements of being a wonderful IPA. At 6.5% it has a strong ABV however it has that fantastic quality of not tasting particularly strong which enables me to drink many of these lovely brews.

It is an incredible colour and the taste does not disappoint. They say, “Inspired by Electric Avenue, the beating heart of Brixton and made with New World hops, our full-bodied IPA is packed with energy and attitude.” I’m in love with everything about this brewery. The story, the branding and of course most of all the beers.

This is a lovely IPA and one I massively recommend you trying.



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