REVIEW: Camden Town USA Hells

Camden Town Brewery
USA Hells
Camden, London, UK

Camden Town
It came as quite a surprise to me that this was my first review of a Camden Town Brewery beer. I’ve been drinking their beers for a couple of years now and think they’re a strong brand. I particularly like the Camden Wit and Camden Pale Ale and for someone who dislikes “lager” I actually quite like the Camden Hells.
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REVIEW: Tiny Rebel The Full Nelson

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co
The Full Nelson
Newport, Wales, UK
Tiny Rebel
Tiny Rebel Brewing Co are a fairly new craft brewery producing some fine interesting beers from Newport in Wales. It all started with home brewing back in 2008 by Brad and Gazz and then in 2012 launched. There is now a lovely Tiny Rebel tap room in called Urban Tap House in Cardiff, so make sure you check that out.

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REVIEW: Brains Barry Island IPA

Brains Craft Brewery (Brains Brewery)
Barry Island IPA
Cardiff, Wales

Brains Craft Brewery
Brains is a big deal in Wales, owning over 250 pubs and was first founded back in 1882 and it sponsors Welsh rugby team the Crusaders. Brains Craft Brewery is their craft brewing element of the business that was first started in 2012. Where as Brains make more “traditional” ales the craft brewery produces some more interesting brews.
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REVIEW: BrewDog Hello My Name Is Vladimir

Hello My Name Is Vladimir
Aberdeen, Scotland

Back in February 2014 BrewDog produced this double IPA, named Hello My Name Is Vladimir in protest against Putin’s anti-gay laws and even sent him a crate of it. As a result the brewery managed to get featured by various reputable news sources like the BBC, the guardian and The Independent for their sarcastic creation.
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REVIEW: Beavertown Black Betty

Beavertown Brewery
Black Betty Black IPA
Tottenham, London, UK

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote about Beavertown, for one we’re in the midst of a heatwave in the UK but more importantly Beavertown have upped their craft beer game. Moving from the Hackney unit the brewery founded by Logan Plant (yes, son of Robert) to a bigger place in Tottenham Beavertown have opened up a tap room (go visit it) and rolled out their beers in cans.
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REVIEW: Magic Rock / Lervig Farmhouse IPA

norwayMagic Rock Brewing Co. / Lervig
Farmhouse IPA
Huddersfield, UK & Stavanger, Norway

Magic Rock Brewing Co. are a small-ish microbrewery producing some of the finest craft beer in the UK at the moment in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. They recently won the Perfect Pint #WorldSup final and are easily one of my favourite breweries in the UK right now. Most people will be familiar with their core range of beers such as High Wire, Rapture, Ringmaster and Cannonball. I’ve tried those four beers and never ever been disappointed. So I got incredibly excited when I spotted this collaboration beer with Norwegian microbrewery Lervig on Ales by Mail.
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REVIEW: Adnams Mosaic Pale Ale

Mosaic Pale Ale
Southwold, UK

Adnams are a trusty brewery. They’ve been brewing beers for hundreds of years (reportedly) with the first recorded beer brewed on the Adnams site dating back to 1396, apparently. However, officially the brewery was founded in 1872, so still a long time brewing! If I ever spot Ghost Ship or Broadside in a pub then I know that’s going to be a safe bet. You know what you’re getting with Adnams and that’s what I like.

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REVIEW: Pressure Drop Stokey Brown

Pressure Drop
Stokey Brown
Hackney, London

Pressure Drop
I’ve waxed lyrical about Pressure Drop to friends, family and just about everyone I know. I think following a couple of pints of Bosko recently I said something like, “Pressure Drop are producing the best beers in London. Fact.” Now more sober, I stand by that statement. They’ve got a core range of seven beers that are all very different but incredible. That takes some going.
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REVIEW: Thornbridge Brewery Wild Swan

Thornbridge Brewery
Wild Swan
Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK

The first ever Thornbridge beer went on sale back in 2005 so you could regard them as experts in the field of craft brewing. Interestingly the brewery was founded by BrewDog co-founder Martin Dickie, who left the Derbyshire company in 2007 to go and start BrewDog. The brewery has won over 200 awards since its inception and has a plethora of tasty and interesting beers on its roster.
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REVIEW: Weird Beard Brew Co Five O’Clock Shadow

Weird Beard Brew Co
Five O’Clock Shadow
West London

The Weird Beard story is a fantastic one and gives all us aspiring brewers hope for the future. The brewery was founded in west London by Gregg and Bryan following some experimental with home brewing. The pair won various prizes both at local and national level coupled with great feedback from beer geeks they decided to go pro. I’m delighted they did too.
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