REVIEW: London Fields Brewery Love Not War

London Fields Brewery
Love Not War Red Ale
Hackney, London, UK

This is my third review of a London Fields Brewery beer following my most recent love affair with their American Black Ale and further back the Shoreditch Triangle IPA. This review continues my interest preference for red ale. Love Not War is London Field’s red ale and it is a treat.

The beer was first created back in summer of 2011 and is closely behind the American Black Ale as my favourite London Fields brew. It has the hoppy smell of a really great black IPA and the taste of a ruby red beer, like the Yakima Red by Meantime. It is really light, with an ABV of 4.2% and has a very refreshing flavour. It is a dark red colour and a very smooth taste.

Six different hops and four different malts go into making this lovely beer and you can really tell. The beer was actually created during the London riots and I assume where the name of Love Not War came from? It’s a lovely story behind a fantastic ale.

It is slightly behind a couple of red ales I’ve had recently including Yakima by Meantime and Brockley Brewery’s Red Ale, but it is still a very good beer.



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