REVIEW: Weird Beard Brew Co Five O’Clock Shadow

Weird Beard Brew Co
Five O’Clock Shadow
West London

The Weird Beard story is a fantastic one and gives all us aspiring brewers hope for the future. The brewery was founded in west London by Gregg and Bryan following some experimental with home brewing. The pair won various prizes both at local and national level coupled with great feedback from beer geeks they decided to go pro. I’m delighted they did too.

At present there are seven core beers all of which are fantastic. The first Weird Beard that I got my grubby mitts on was the Five O’Clock Shadow which is an American IPA and a delicious beer. Up there with some of the best IPA’s currently being produced in London. I would say it is one of the strongest I’ve had and at 7% you can certainly taste the alcohol. A beautiful glowing amber colour the Five O’Clock Shadow is refreshing and delicious.

The Five O’Clock Shadow is made with four different hops and three different grains it is incredibly hoppy, as you’d expect from an American IPA. It is a fruity, bitter and quite strong beer that is incredibly enjoyable to slowly drink. Not the type of beer you’d be able to drink copious pints of, due to its strength. However, it’s a wonderful IPA that I’ll most definitely returning to.

The branding, naming and witty sense of humour from Weird Beard also gets my seal of approval. A cracking brew.



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