REVIEW: Adnams Mosaic Pale Ale

Mosaic Pale Ale
Southwold, UK

Adnams are a trusty brewery. They’ve been brewing beers for hundreds of years (reportedly) with the first recorded beer brewed on the Adnams site dating back to 1396, apparently. However, officially the brewery was founded in 1872, so still a long time brewing! If I ever spot Ghost Ship or Broadside in a pub then I know that’s going to be a safe bet. You know what you’re getting with Adnams and that’s what I like.

Recently Adnams have launched a new range of beers, titled the Jack Brand. A series of beers that pay homage to generations of brewers from years gone by. As part of the series, there is an absolutely wonderful Rye IPA and there is this lovely summer Mosaic Pale Ale that I’m currently addicted to. I’ve now had the pleasure of tasting it in bottle form and on keg and on a hot summer’s day there is nothing better than the taste of hops and fruits.

The Mosaic Pale Ale is made with of course, mosaic hops and is a single-hop beer. A pale ale that is a tad more bitter than your average pale ale, mostly down to the American mosaic hops. It is an amber ale that is very refreshing but does leave a bitter and hoppy finish. An American pale ale done incredibly well.

The next time you have a thirst for hops on a hot sunny day make sure you get a pint of this beautiful beer.



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