REVIEW: Magic Rock / Lervig Farmhouse IPA

norwayMagic Rock Brewing Co. / Lervig
Farmhouse IPA
Huddersfield, UK & Stavanger, Norway

Magic Rock Brewing Co. are a small-ish microbrewery producing some of the finest craft beer in the UK at the moment in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. They recently won the Perfect Pint #WorldSup final and are easily one of my favourite breweries in the UK right now. Most people will be familiar with their core range of beers such as High Wire, Rapture, Ringmaster and Cannonball. I’ve tried those four beers and never ever been disappointed. So I got incredibly excited when I spotted this collaboration beer with Norwegian microbrewery Lervig on Ales by Mail.

It has that glowing, hazy and bright amber you expect when pouring out an IPA. There is absolutely no fizz and the aroma you get is incredibly fruity and of course very hoppy. Lervig are apparently around 10 times the size of Magic Rock and doing some brewing for Mikkeller. It’s a delightful IPA and with so many flavours to get be excited about.

The notes on the back say, “Here we have combined our love of hops and funky flavours to make this Farmhouse style IPA. Belgian yeasts and brettanomyces will make this beer more and more spicy over time. Enjoy today and tomorrow.” I toyed with the idea of letting this beer grow over time but got far too impatient and wanted to get stuck into one of my favourite breweries. I think it lasted around three days in my fridge, oops!

This is a wonderful collaboration and hopefully it allows both Lervig and Magic Rock some well deserved attention.



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