REVIEW: Tiny Rebel The Full Nelson

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co
The Full Nelson
Newport, Wales, UK
Tiny Rebel
Tiny Rebel Brewing Co are a fairly new craft brewery producing some fine interesting beers from Newport in Wales. It all started with home brewing back in 2008 by Brad and Gazz and then in 2012 launched. There is now a lovely Tiny Rebel tap room in called Urban Tap House in Cardiff, so make sure you check that out.

My love affair with Tiny Rebel began back in April of this year when I had a few pints of Cwtch and Hadouken in a bar in Birmingham. Both of those pints were special. Beer drinkers will know what I mean, I hope? Every single sip was delicious and if my liver could’ve handled it, my bank account afford it and the bar had a 24 hour licence I would’ve been there all night. I spotted The Full Nelson ‘Maori Pale Ale’ in Clapton Craft and decided to pick up a couple of bottles. One of the shop owners said it was his favourite pale ale in the world as I was paying. I was extremely excited.

The Full Nelson is another special beer, it seems Tiny Rebel only do awesome beer. It came together after months of experimenting with a unique hop from New Zealand called the Nelson Sauvin (hence the name). It is mixed with a German malt from Munich and it delivers a crisp, refreshing and fruity beer. It is a lovely amber colour and there is tastes of berries, grapes and a lovely sweetness. When I walk into a pub I look for an IPA at the moment however this is the type of pale ale I absolutely love. Full of great flavours and actually a very different type of pale ale. A wonderful creation.

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