REVIEW: Camden Town USA Hells

Camden Town Brewery
USA Hells
Camden, London, UK

Camden Town
It came as quite a surprise to me that this was my first review of a Camden Town Brewery beer. I’ve been drinking their beers for a couple of years now and think they’re a strong brand. I particularly like the Camden Wit and Camden Pale Ale and for someone who dislikes “lager” I actually quite like the Camden Hells.

I picked up the Camden Town USA Hells in a well-known supermarket after I spotted it nestled between lots of other unimaginative branded beers. It stood out massively and I was really intrigued by it. As I mentioned lager isn’t something I tend to go for unless I really have to, like a music festival when the beer option is a pint of Heineken or a double pint or Heineken. I wasn’t expecting to like the USA Hells quite as much as I do, it is a massively refreshing beer that for a lager is very hoppy.

It’s a beautiful hazy sun coloured brew that is very similar to the Camden Hells lager but it is unfiltered unlike the Camden Hells lager. I never really thought I’d tell the difference but perhaps it’s this factor which makes me enjoy it far more than regular lager. This USA Hells is packaged straight from the tank and because of this there is a hoppy flavour. Five different hops including Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Citra and Simcoe are all used along with a Pilsner malt to make this beautiful lager. Wow, beautiful and lager are two words I never expected to put in a sentence, so props to you Camden Town Brewery.



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