REVIEW: Arbor S Bomb

S Bomb
Bristol, UK

I ordered a few “must try” breweries from the wonderful beer lords at Ales by Mail recently and one of the breweries included Arbor. Based in the south west of England in Bristol Arbor are a brewery I’ve been desperate to try for ages. Arbor has been in existence since 2007 and as of October 2010 has two pubs in Bristol to its name. Head brewer is Jon Comer and they have around 10 core beers.

The S Bomb I picked up is a Simcoe Pale Ale. Meaning that only one variety of hop was used to make the S Bomb, the simcoe. I know from previous experiences of trying simcoe (Brew by Numbers and Kernel) that it’s a particular hop I am fond of. As soon as I poured the S Bomb into my glass I knew I’d love it. The smell started wafting up my nose and the colour is absolutely incredible. Allegedly simcoe is a hop that is actually suited to being used on its own but in general it used for slightly strong beers.

Although the S Bomb is billed as a pale ale it has the hoppy flavours of an IPA and due to the fruity flavour you’d expect it to be an IPA. It has a strong flavour and has a bitter after taste. Arbor are one of the best breweries in the country and from what I can see a bit underrated too. The S Bomb is up there with the Ringmaster or Cannonball by highly regarded brewery Magic Rock. It is full of interesting flavours and one of the best pale ales I’ve ever tried.



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