REVIEW: Thornbridge Brewery Jaipur

Thornbridge Brewery
Jaipur IPA
Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK

Like Buxton Brewery Thornbridge is based in Derbyshire and one of the best UK breweries in the country at the moment. I wrote up a little about the history of Thornbridge here but basically the guys that now run BrewDog were once upon a time at Thornbridge. As I mention in that post Thornbridge have some fantastic beers on offer and Jaipur is one of the best.

Jaipur is an award-winning IPA and is soft, smooth and has a real hop kick. Like most IPAs it has a strong fruity smell, but Jaipur looks more like a lager in colour however the taste is very much an IPA. It is hoppy as hell and incredibly fruity. It has all the bitterness and sweetness you’d expect and is golden in colour.

As I saw someone describe it recently, it is like the best lager you’ve ever tried mixed with a great IPA. I think that’s a spot on description. It has the hoppiness I demand from an IPA but also the refreshing element from a good lager. The great thing is that you can find this lovely brew from a very well-known “high quality” supermarket that begins with a W for a very reasonable price. The more I drink this beer the better I realise it is, Thornbridge you are the best.



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