REVIEW: Wild Card Brewery Jack of Clubs

Wild Card Brewery
Jack of Clubs
Walthamstow, London, UK

Wild Card Brewery

Walthamstow is the home of many wonderful things, including Eat 17, East 17, Walthamstow Dogs and now one of the best micro breweries in the capital, Wild Card Brewery. I made the trip to E17 and to their industrial estate venue bar a couple of weekends ago and loved their enthusiasm for both beer and E17. It’s made me re-think my N16 status for a life way out in the ‘Stow.

The Jack of Clubs is a classic British ruby ale, slightly different to Meantime’s Yakima Red it is less sweet. It has influences from the west coast of America with it’s amber flavour and appearance but also nods its head to proper British bitter. It has a very strong flavour of malt (hence the bitterness) but is very hoppy which is what makes me love it.

It is a beautiful colour and the branding is excellent. With many craft breweries popping up all the time it is important to stand out and you certainly do take a note of Wild Card’s branding. I was sceptical at first and thought it was a bit of a gimmick but you only need to try the beer to realise these guys mean business.

Overall, it is a lovely ruby beer that I’d recommend to all beer lovers.



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