REVIEW: Bad Seed Brewery IPA

Bad Seed Brewery
Malton, North Yorkshire, UK

Bad Seed Brewery
On trips back to visit my family I happen to walk past Sourced Market in St Pancras station and regularly find myself picking up a few bottles for the weekend. On my most recent visit it was North Yorkshire’s Bad Seed Brewery that caught my eye, mainly because I’m a huge Nick Cave fan and love the Bad Seeds.

When I discover a new brewery I tend to go for an IPA, because you can’t go wrong with a beer that’s packed with hops. This particular IPA is full of Cascade, Columbus and Chinook, all American hops. The Bad Seed IPA reminds me of a good friend that you can always rely on. It isn’t your best friend or most interesting friend but one you always go back to. But to compare it to a beer I would go with the Kernel IPA which again uses the same hops.

It has that lovely orange glow that I really love about an IPA. When you put your nose over the glass it absolute stinks of hops (in a good way, of course). Like all good IPAs it has the perfect mix between bitterness and the right amount of sweetness too. My motto about IPAs is that the more hoppy the better and this Bad Seed Brewery IPA seems to share my sentiment. This is a lovely IPA and has piqued my interest in the North Yorkshire brewery.



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