REVIEW: Bear Hug Brewing Hibernation IPA

Bear Hug Brewery
Hibernation IPA
Peckham, London, UK

Bear hug
South East has a lot to be thankful for in terms of craft beer. Hell if it wasn’t for Bermondsey and the south of London who knows what the London craft beer scene would be like. Bear Hug Brewery are a fairly new outfit, this might be incorrect but I believe they were founded in 2014. Bear Hug was founded by 4 guys with a shared passion and love for beer but also with a desire to save the rainforest.

See that’s the great thing about buying a Bear Hug beer. Cos’ for every beer purchased Bear Hug supports one square foot of green space in the rainforest. Plus the brewery has the words BEAR and HUG in the name, what isn’t to love about these guys? The beer you ask? That’s pretty great too. They have three core beers and the Hibernation IPA was the first. It smells like a mixture of a saison and IPA, tastes like an IPA but it looks like a wheat beer.

The ethos behind Bear Hug is to create unique beer and with the Hibernation IPA they’ve most definitely done that. If you read my blog (ha) then you’ll know my opinion of both IPA and wheat beer. One I love and one I’m still not sure of. However, this mixed hybrid is just enough wheat beer and just enough IPA. There is the refreshing part of a wheat beer that I love and of course the hoppy flavour. Good job, guys.



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