REVIEW: Ticketybrew Dubbel

Manchester, UK

Right. Time for a confession. I’m not a HUGE fan of Belgian beers. Sorry. I know I should love them but I just can’t seem to enjoy the Belgian style as much as American or British beers. I felt like that needed to be said before I begin my review of Manchester’s Ticketybrew concoction Dubbel. Ticketybrew are a relatively new brewery and recently (last week) featured by Shortlist magazine as one of the best beers in the UK. Topical and trendy.

TicketyBrew was started by husband and wife, Duncan and Keri Barton. Dubbel is a rich and spicy Belgian inspired beer, it’s one of Ticketybrew’s core range. It is in the style of a Trappist and Abbey Ale and is very dark. As I said previously I’m not a huge fan of Belgian beers, however that said I do love some Belgian beers so I’m always interesting in what UK breweries do with Belgian style beers.

When I opened the beer, it kind of exploded out of the bottle. I’d kept it upright for a month or so before opening with it being in the fridge for 24 hours before opening. I left it to get to room temperature but it foamed up and resulted in me having to rescue the beer! That aside I don’t really like the taste of Dubbel. There’s a lot of good about Dubbel and I love the branding of Ticketybrew, plus the pun but I just can’t get past the acid flavour I get when I drink it. I will most definitely investigate further beers by Ticketybrew, this one just isn’t for me.



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