REVIEW: Partizan Brewing X-Ale

Partizan Brewing
Bermondsey, London, UK

I can’t believe this is my first ever Partizan Brewing review on my blog. I’ve enjoyed so many beers by them, from their various ridiculously tasty Pale Ales, moreish IPA, refreshing Saison and now the X-Ale. In terms of breweries, they rank as one of the best in London. Not only do they produce incredible beers but they have the best beer artwork for any brewery around.

The brewery was founded by Andy Smith after he’d tried his hand at home brewing with his housemate, in his words just to drink “cheap beer”. Partizan has gone on to become of the most recognisable breweries in London and perhaps the UK. Whilst in Paris, Krakow and Barcelona I spotted bottles by Partizan in bars across those cities. The X-Ale is a special one-off mild beer that has the smell and colour of a porter.

The X-Ale is very sweet, creamy, silky and has that rich coffee flavour you’d expect from a good porter. When I see or hear a beer described as a mild bitter I’m usually put off however this is a more contemporary take on a rather old style beer. It has bags of flavour and is really interesting to drink. Partizan always strive to make excellent and interesting beers, they’ve achieved that once more with the X-Ale.



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