REVIEW: BrewDog Magic Rock Stone Brewing Co Magic Stone Dog

us-uk-flagBrewDog / Magic Rock / Stone Brewing Co
Magic Stone Dog
Aberdeen, Scotland / Huddersfield, England / California, USA

Magic Rock

Stone Brewery
Collaboration beers are pretty exciting especially when it involves my favourite UK brewery Magic Rock and stalwarts of the craft brewery scene BrewDog and Stone Brewing Co. Magic Stone Dog is a saison pale ale hybrid beer by three of the best and biggest breweries in the world.

This a saison beer that has elements of a pale ale. I’m not a huge saison fan in general however when it involves these breweries I make exceptions. It is an interesting beer with lots going on. It has that typical smell a saison has, it is massively influenced and inspired by Belgian beers which of course is never a bad thing. Looking at it, it looks really like a pale ale but tastes nothing like it.

Like everything BrewDog do, it is marketed fantastically well with a wonderful bit of branding on the bottle. It is quite bitter but has a citrus punch with a zesty orange flavour. It is actually very drinkable and that is saying something coming from someone who doesn’t really drink sasion beers that often. There is more definitely a spice to it too which is an interesting offset alongside the citrus flavours. It is definitely one of the better saison beers I’ve tasted but I’m still not sold on this type of beer.



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