REVIEW: Septem Microbrewery Thursday’s

Septem Microbrewery
Thursday’s Red Ale
Athens, Greece


Another beer sent to me via Beer52 and their monthly craft-beer magazine style subscription service. This time a beer from Greece, from the Septem Microbrewery in the Athens area. I was a big fan of Santorini Brewing Company Red Donkey, also from Greece and you see my thoughts here. But how would this fellow Greek beer compare?

It is wonderful to try beers from a different part of the world and especially somewhere like Greece, a country I fell in love with in 2013, particularly the Santorini island. Thursday’s are a good day, they signify free football at my company which means always a 5.30 finish but also it means Friday and the weekend is close. So I have good connotations with Thursday’s, I also have great feelings towards red beers. I’ve already said how much I love Yakima (Meantime), Hook Island Red (Five Points) and Cwtch (Tiny Rebel) – all of which are probably in my top beers of the year. So a red beer is right up my street.

This has the splendid smell of a red. It has that hoppy smell of an IPA and the sweetness of a pale ale but the Septem Thursday’s is impressively red in colour. Sadly, the taste doesn’t quite match up with the smell and appearance. It is very thin and incredibly watery. It has the consistency of Robinson’s Blackcurrant squash, not ideal at all. The aroma does’t match the smell and it is far too malty for a red. It is a good attempt but not quite there.



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