REVIEW: Brutal Brewing Pistonhead Lager

Sweden flagBrutal Brewing
Pistonhead Kustom Lager
Grängesberg, Sweden

Denmark has Mikkeller, Iceland has Einstök, Norway has Nøgne Ø and Sweden has Brutal Brewing, founded in 2011. The brewery is owned by Spendrups, a larger brewery and Brutal Brewing is controlled and operated by employees of Spendrups on a “free time” basis.

Pistonhead Kustom lager is a medium golden coloured beer. Pistonhead Kustom Lager is Kustom brewed with a double-clutch of Munchener and Pilsener malt injected with Spalter Select, Magnum and Perle hops. At least that’s what the website said. It tastes a lot better your standard lager and as I’ve mentioned on various occasions I don’t really drink much lager, except when I’m forced to drink free Peroni at work Christmas parties.

Pistonhead Kustom lager isn’t something I’d pick alongside other ales and actually not one I’d probably buy again. However, I am now interested to see what the other beers by Pistonhead taste like. If they can make me almost like a lager then who knows what I’d think of beers I actually like!



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