REVIEW: BrewDog Santa Paws

Santa Paws
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

I’ve waxed lyrical about BrewDog on this blog many times before for coming up with innovative beers and their fresh attitude to brewing and beer. Beer aside, BrewDog also has a great sense of humour and regularly come up with humours beers that also taste good. When I spotted Santa Paws, a Christmas Scotch ale I knew I had to try it.

I rarely go for ales like this but always trying to change my taste buds and try new brews. This Christmas Scotch ale has a strong coffee aroma and is very dark. When I poured it out, it didn’t have any froth or head and had no carbonation. It is a silky Christmas ale that is perfect with your roast dinner.

It is a malty coffee infused Scottish ale. I really love everything that BrewDog do and even this Santa Paws Scottish ale, it is a bit of fun but honestly, it doesn’t really do anything for me. It tastes pretty bland compared to other dark beers that I’ve tried. This is a decent beer but nothing amazing.



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