REVIEW: Charles Wells Dogfish Head DNA IPA

us-uk-flagCharles Wells / Dogfish Head
DNA New World IPA
Bedford, UK / Milton, Delaware, US

Charles Well is a very well known institution within the UK. For me I associate it with stuffy pubs selling shit beer and even worse food. They also own Wells & Young’s Brewery, who makes the likes of Bombardier etc. Beers I always avoid. Now, Dogfish Head Brewery on the other hand is one of the biggest names in craft beer and the reason for so many craft breweries in the UK. What would happen when the two collide?

I hate to say it because I really wanted to like this beer and really it should be great. Two really big beer heavyweights, one with a particular trait of producing wonderful craft beer, the other well, having the financial prowess to make good beer. By this point I’ve not even mentioned it is my favourite beer type, the IPA. So the smell, nothing like an IPA, all I get is a metallic aroma. The look is a very bland bronze colour with nothing much going on.

The taste, well that is pretty disappointing too. It tastes like metallic. Just a bitter, rubbish metallic IPA and a terrible beer. I think I’ve enjoyed tinned lagers from the off-licence more. To think this beer was shortlisted at the International Beer Awards 2014. Madness.



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