REVIEW: Firebrand Graffiti IPA

Firebrand Brewing Co
Graffiti IPA
Cornwall, UK

As I’ve previously mentioned a couple of times Beer52 sent me a box of beers to trial their excellent service. If you would like to receive 8 beers in a box to your door every month then make sure you head over to Beer52 and with KEGTODIFFER10 you’ll get ¬£10 off. Included in my box was Cornwall microbrewery Firebrand Brewing Co and their Graffiti IPA.

Fresh off really hating that Dogfish Head / Charles Well collaboration I hoped the metallic aroma wouldn’t come back to haunt me. Firebrand was formed in 2014 by Joe Thompson when he met Chris Hassall. The Firebrand Graffiti IPA does have a hint of that metallic aroma however there is more going on. This IPA smells more like a SIPA (a Session IPA) and in fact they describe it that way too. It looks like a lager and actually very similar to the Adnams Dry Hopped Lager, which makes sense as Graffiti IPA is dry hopped with Amarillo.

It is a very dry IPA and more like a dry lager, similar to Camden Hells or the aforementioned Adnams lager. I’m a big lover of an IPA but this one doesn’t have enough hops for my liking. I’m getting some fruity flavours but not enough to suffice my IPA needs. Overall, it is a decent IPA but somewhat forgettable. That said, I’d be interested to try a few more beers by Firebrand.

OVERALL: 2.5/5


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