REVIEW: Anspach & Hobday The Porter

Anspach & Hobday
The Porter
Bermondsey, London, UK
Anspach & Hobday
If you happen to down on Druid Street you must pop in to Anspach & Hobday who also share a brewery space with Bullfinch (who are amazing). They were stop number one when I did the Bermondsey Beer Mile in summer and I sampled their fantastic IPA. Paul (Anspach) & Jack (Hobday) founded the brewery and The Porter was the very first brew in 2011.

The Porter brewed first in 2011 is the very same recipe they use today. The Porter was conceived in the 19th century and this fine brewery has refined it for 21st century tastes. It is an award-winning porter having won awards in both 2013 and 2014 and is an impressive beer. It’s incredibly dark in colour, thick in texture and really rich. There was a lovely amount of froth on top of the beer and the smell is very sweet, a caramel aroma.

I’ve professed my love for the IPA on this blog however The Porter is my second favourite beer type of late. It is a beautiful work of art. It is creamy, rich and this particular porter has SO much flavour. It is very smooth and incredibly easy to drink, which comes as a surprise at 6.7%. For me it has the right amount of bitterness combined with sweetness to make it very drinkable, not something I associate with a porter. I have one then move on, but this is a beer I could drink pint loads of, if my wallet and liver allowed it. A fantastic porter I urge everyone to try.



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