REVIEW: Malmesbury Killer Cat Circus IPA

Malmesbury Brewing
Killer Cat Circus IPA
Wiltshire, UK

Malmesbury Brewing has been in existence since around 2012 and they’re based in the south west in lovely Wiltshire. They set up Killer Cat, a subsidiary of the main brewery shortly after and the beers are slightly different from the main Malmesbury Brewing. I received this IPA from Beer52 who have provided me a month service and if you head over to and use KEGTODIFFER10 you’ll receive £10 off your first box. It’s a great service.

This Killer Cat Circus IPA has an absolutely beautiful glowing orange colour to it, there’s around two fingers of foam and it looks like an IPA lovers dream. It has that lovely sweet smell when you place your nose near the glass. All of the sweetness from fruits like mangoes and citrus fruits really comes through.

The taste is good. It isn’t exceptional and for me it doesn’t quite live up to the nice smell and appealing glow. I was expecting BIG hops and lots of fruity flavours but you don’t get quite that. What you do get is a very decent IPA that has a more malty flavour then most IPAs. It certainly needs more hops coming through to make it better. But overall it is a very pleasant IPA.



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