REVIEW: Redemption Fellowship Porter

Redemption Brewing Co.
Fellowship London Porter
Tottenham, London, UK

New Redemption logo (white)
This is my first ever blog words about what is maybe my favourite London brewery, Redemption Brewing Co. It is definitely one of the most underrated breweries in London. Redemption has producing wonderful beers since 2010 and I first fell in love with the brewery in a Wetherspoons years ago when I spotted Urban Dusk, had 4/5 pints of that (at a reasonable price of £3.15) and I was hooked. Since then I’ve loved Big Chief, Trinity and their Pale Ale. What would I make of their London Porter?

I’ve had this waiting around for a ‘special’ occasion and what better time is there than celebrating the fact you’re off work now until 2015. It has a very sweet coffee aroma that really reminds me of Christmas as a teenager, getting tipsy on my Baileys and coffee. It has a very dark colour as you’d expect from a Porter.

Again like The Porter by Anspach & Hobday it has the right balance between bitterness and sweetness. It’s very easy to drink and at 5.1% I would definitely spend the evening drinking multiple pints of this, quite comfortably. I do prefer the aforementioned porter by it’s South East ‘rivals’ Anspach & Hobday. The Redemption Porter isn’t quite as a creamy or thick as that one and not quite as tasty. However, it is a very good porter by a fantastic brewery.



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