REVIEW: BrewDog Hoppy Christmas

Hoppy Christmas
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

I recently did a review of BrewDog’s Christmas ale, Santa Paws here and although I loved the pun I wasn’t so sure about the beer itself. This time it was the tun of Hoppy Christmas, which I love just on name alone. How would I get on with BrewDog’s second festive beer?

BrewDog has been a staple in my beer diet. Whenever I visit a friend for dinner or a takeaway and I need to pick up a few beers from the supermarket, BrewDog is always on hand to help me out. Whether it’s Punk IPA, 5Am Saint or Dead Pony Club they’re all good. This Hoppy Christmas is a strong “festive pale ale” as described on the bottle, but it smells more like an IPA. It has a lovely sweet smell when you pop the bottle open and looks like a pale ale.

It is full of flavour. A proper IPA, a fucking great one. It has a really strong flavour of citrus but with the sweetness of other fruits like papaya too. It is refreshing and despite the strength it is very easy to drink. It’s not quite Jackhammer good (my favourite BrewDog) but it’s far better than most IPAs including the Punk IPA. Hoppy Christmas to you all.



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