REVIEW: Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale

Anchor Brewing Company
Christmas Ale
San Francisco, California, USA

I love Anchor Brewing Company. I don’t really like beer but Anchor Steam lager is brilliant. It has come a tradition of mine now to always buy the Anchor Brewing Company Christmas Ale every Christmas.

You can see my thoughts about the 39th Christmas Ale here. This year saw the 40th version of the Christmas Ale. Every year the beer features a new tree but also a new recipe. This years tree is a Giant Sequoia and a lovely one at that. The Christmas Ale is a spicy bitter festive delight.

I don’t think I’d be able to drink lots of this particular beer but as a one off I love trying Anchor Brewing Company’s Christmas ale. The story behind the beer, the different tree every year and how it has become a tradition of mine.



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