REVIEW: Redchurch Brewery Hoxton Stout

Redchurch Brewery
Hoxton Stout
Bethnal Green, London, UK


I’ve tried a couple of beers by east London’s Redchurch Brewery and they’ve all been excellent. I’m a regular drinker of their pale ale as my favourite burger joint, Honest Burgers always stocks them. They have a great core range of beers and included in my London Ales by Mail order was the Hoxton Stout.

I’m not a huge stout drinker but as I’ve previously mentioned on here I do love a black IPA and I’ve had some fantastic porters. To me a stout isn’t too dissimilar to a porter, but that’s because there isn’t much difference; although stout arrived in the 19th century and porter the 20th century. As Mark Dredge says in his excellent book ‘Craft Beer World’, “Working out the difference between a Porter and a Stout is like trying to hit an impossibly small bullseye on a fast-moving target.” The Hoxton Stout by Redchurch Brewery is an excellent example of a “dark” beer. It is incredibly dark in colour but has a lovely foamy top.

I tried this beer whilst enduring a cold however I could still get the coffee aroma from the Hoxton stout as well as a sweet hoppy smell. Taste wise, despite being a rather strong 6% ABV it is very easy to drink, thumbs up! The consistency is very thick and the taste is incredibly rich. This is a fantastic stout and one I’d highly recommend.



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