REVIEW: Brew By Numbers 15/01 Black IPA

Brew By Numbers
15/01 Black IPA Yakima Valley
Bermondsey, London, UK

Brew By Numbers are based in Bermondsey on the infamous beer mile of craft breweries around south east London. They produce a range of amazing different beers from specialist pale ales to Witbier, Coffee Porter, Berliner Weisse and so many more. I visited the brewer last spring and was in awe of all the beers they had on offer.

I’m pretty sure at the time, a Black IPA wasn’t part of their offering. So when I spotted the Black IPA Yakima Valley, beer number 15/01 in a newsagent I was quick to purchase. I’ve expressed my love for IPA and most recently black IPAs so the thought of a Black IPA by one of the best breweries in London and the UK was too strong to resist. It pours a very, very dark black and the smell is very potent. It doesn’t quite have the sweet aroma of an IPA but that is to be expected considering it is a black IPA. The hop smells of simcoe, chinook and amarillo are very strong, though.

It has a strong malty, coffee and bitter flavour however there’s still lots of hop flavours and despite the bitterness there is a fruity aftertaste. This Black IPA, like most that I drink is ridiculously easy to drink and that’s why I love about them. You really do forget that it is a 6% because it goes down very easily. Brew By Numbers continue to make stellar beers and what I like most is that they have such a huge range.

OVERALL: 3.5/5


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