REVIEW: The Kernel Imperial Brown Stout

The Kernel Brewery
Imperial Brown Stout London 1856
Bermondsey, London, UK

Kernel Brewery
The Kernel Brewery is one of the reasons I’m now obsessed by craft beer. They put me on to a variety of beers and one of the first reviews I did on this blog was of their Amarillo IPA here. They make a huge, huge range of different beers and I’d fully recommend you go along to the beer mile and pop in the brewery to check out what they’re up to.

Stout vs. Porter. It is something the more I drink both varieties I can’t work out what the difference is, but I know that I like both. This Kernel Imperial Brown Stout pours very black and has strong coffee and chocolate aroma to it. The smell reminds me of chocolate raisins, kinda.

It is a very strong stout, this one. I tried the Redchurch Brewery Hoxton Stout recently and really loved it. I find this Imperial Brown Stout by Kernel Brewery a bit too rich and bitter for my taste buds. I’ve seen a few people online suggest this beer isn’t particularly heavy considering it is almost 10%, I can’t disagree more. It is a very strong tasting beer. It is for me, an acquired taste. I can see why people love it and there are elements of it I enjoy; however I found it a bit of a struggle to drink.



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