REVIEW: Camden Town India Hells Lager

Camden Town Brewery
India Hells Lager (IHL)
Camden, London, UK
Camden Town
I have to admit, I don’t drink that much beer by Camden Town Brewery. No idea why because I loved their USA Hells lager during the summer and I’m a big fan of their Hells Lager and Pale Ale. I just don’t tend to drink much of it. However, when I heard back in summer of their India Summer Lager I was massively intrigued.

It has taken me until January to finally get hold of a can but my god it was worth the wait. So I love an IPA, I would drink it all the time but I also love the refreshing taste of a lager. So imagine the incredibly hoppy aroma you get from a IPA but then the lovely cold refreshing enjoyment of a lager. You have yourself the Camden Town Brewery India Hells Lager.

I have many beers I regard my all-time favourites. So beers like Ctwch by Tiny Rebel, Yakima by Meantime, Axe Edge by Buxton, Gamma Ray by Beavertown and so on but not for a while has a beer managed to creep into that list, until now. This is a special beer. I’ve seen Matt Curtis describe it as a game changer and he’s totally right. Now, I feel like I’m slightly behind because it was a game changer in 2014 but for me this is what craft beer is all about. Going, “Right. We love IPA and we love lager, let’s create a beer that ticks both boxes.” I mean, I’m sure it’s a lot fucking harder than that but in principe the reason I love craft beer is for beers like IHL, because they’re experimenting with the “rules” of beer. Well done Camden Brewery, you heroes.

OVERALL: 4.5/5


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