REVIEW: Beavertown Holy Cowbell

Beavertown Brewery
Holy Cowbell India Stout
Tottenham, London, UK

Back in summer Beavertown, formerly based in Hackney moved to Tottenham to a larger unit to increase their output. They’ve also started distributing more cans of their beers around London and further afield. I’ve reviewed the Smog Rocket and Black Betty in can form recently on here. Let’s not forget that I called the 8 Ball Rye IPA one of the best beers ever created, or something too. So to say I’m a fan of Beavertown would be an understatement.

I was actually a bit sceptical of the craft can movement in the UK as I’m a real lover of bottles and the artwork that comes with a bottle label. However, recently I’ve been won over by Beavertown, Fourpure and Camden Town. The India Stout by Beavertown, brilliantly named Holy Cowbell has been knocking around since 2013. However it has taken me until January 2015 to discover and I’m glad I did. It has a wonderful sweet smell to it but as you’d expect from a stout there is a coffee and caramel aroma.

With a name like India Stout I guess Holy Cowbell places itself somewhere between a Stout and an IPA. A Black IPA you say? Well yes. However, Beavertown already have a wonderful Black IPA called Black Betty so consider the India Stout a slightly milder sweeter beer. It definitely has a strong hoppy taste and is less like a Stout as you might think from picking it up. However, what it is is another absolutely belting dark hoppy delight from those brilliant brewers Beavertown.



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