REVIEW: The Five Points Brewing Co IPA

The Five Points Brewing Co
Hackney, London, UK

Five Points make fantastic beers. They have three core beers, Hook Island Red, Pale Ale and Railway Porter. They currently produce my favourite porter and favourite red beer so when I found out they were taking a foray into IPA I was ridiculously excited. My favourite style of beer, IPA and one of my favourite London breweries, Five Points, what could go wrong?

As I’ve said before, I find Hook Island Red faultless and the pale ale is lovely too. But how would the IPA compare? I got a really strong citrus, fruity and hoppy aroma as soon as I opened the bottle. A great smell. It pours quite a dark hazy orange with a foamy top, probably a fingers worth. Five Points describe their IPA as “lush” which I think is a great word to describe this beer.

It’s a pretty strong IPA at 7.1% but is dangerously easy to drink. The citrus flavour is very strong on your palate and as you’d expect from an IPA has a strong hoppy flavour. Like all good IPAs it is creamy, tasty and incredibly moreish. It has that lovely hoppy after taste and it is an IPA I could drink a lot of. Comparable to other IPAs I’ve had recently it probably isn’t anything spectacular but if you’re into your IPAs then this is another I’d highly recommend.

OVERALL: 3.5/5


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