REVIEW: Hammerton N7 Pale Ale

Hammerton Brewery
N7 Pale Ale
Islington, London, UK

Right off Upper Street you’ll find old now new brewery, Hammerton. First founded in 1868 the brewery closed in the late 50s and demolished. However in 2014 Lee Hammerton, a member of the Hammerton family decided to resurrect Hammerton Brewery. Residing in Stoke Newington I believe Hammerton is techcnially now my closest brewery (with Pressure Drop moving a while back) so I’ve wanted to try a beer for a long time.

Sat in the Star of Kings (near my office) recently I had a few pints of N1, also a pale ale by Hammerton. Then on a day off I did my monthly Clapton Craft haul and picked up a bottle of N7, a special pale ale. I say it is special because the recipe was developed by James Kemp, formally Head Brewer of Buxton Brewery and now Senior Brewer at Thornbridge Brewery. It has a sweet aroma with lots of fruity hop fragrances coming through.

N7 uses six different hops and the taste is very reminiscent of citrus fruits, particularly like grapefruit. There is a really refreshing bitterness combined with a sweet flavour, making it a lovely beer. Hammerton is a lovely story and kind of epitomises the craft beer surge we’re currently seeing. To think the original brewery closed over 50 years ago but is now back and making a sustainable business, but even better brilliant beers.



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