REVIEW: Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Brooklyn Brewery
East India Pale Ale
Brooklyn, New York, USA

I started this blog with a review of Brooklyn Lager, the beer that properly got me interested in “craft beers” and your non-standard lagers. I’ve been drinking Brooklyn’s East India Pale Ale (EIPA) for a while, most of the time during summer. Though I’ve never had it in can form until now. I’ve made a real conscious effort to drink more canned beers to see if I notice a difference recently.

I certainly prefer the storage element and my girlfriend likes the fact I don’t hoard/collect the cans. They are great for transporting too and make drinking on public transport a lot easier. Whether taste wise I can tell the difference I’m not quite sure yet. The Brooklyn EIPA has a very nice aroma to it and like most IPAs there is the citrus coming through straight away. It is a lovely glowing orange colour and has a small amount of foam head.

Taste wise it is very pleasant and not offensive. It is like a slightly less hoppy IPA which on a hot day can be incredible. It’s the sort of beer that you’d drink pints of alongside a really spicy curry, just taking the edge of the spiciness. The beer is actually made from British malts from East Anglia, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. The Brooklyn EIPA is a good beer. Go seek it out.



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