REVIEW: Pressure Drop & BrewDog Syd Strong’s

Pressure Drop & BrewDog
Syd Strong’s
Hackney, England & Aberdeen, Scotland

Pressure Drop
When two of your favourite breweries decide to put their heads together and make a collaborative brew it’s a pretty exciting prospect. I saw Instagram photos a few months back of the BrewDog and Pressure Drop team getting together to make Syd Strong’s as part of CollabFest 2014 and here it is.

Syd Strong’s is a heavy dark cascade rye beer, a black rye IPA is how it is being described online. I love dark beer, I love rye beer and I love an IPA. So the idea of a black rye IPA is a pretty great one, especially when it has been created by two of the best breweries in the UK/world. It does not disappoint either. It’s incredibly dark in colour, rich in texture and has a hoppy aroma to boot.

Find me a beer that Pressure Drop are involved in that’s bad. I dare ya. This is another absolute gem from Pressure Drop and BrewDog. It has the sweetness of chocolate/caramel but also keeps a high amount of bitterness from the coffee/treacle taste. It is creamy and has a stout/porter quality about it more than an IPA. Either way it is a lovely beer and reinforces my love for Pressure Drop and BrewDog. I do love me a collaboration beer.



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