REVIEW: Anchor Brewing Anchor IPA

Anchor Brewing Company
Anchor IPA
San Francisco, California

For a long time I saw Brooklyn Brewery as the best brewery in America. At least, this was four years ago when I was first trying beers and trying to find a beer style I loved. I still love Brooklyn but these days if someone asked me what my favourite American brewery was, I would answer in a heartbeat, Anchor Brewing.

I love that they’ve made me really appreciate great lager. It’s something that Camden Town have done too with their Hells and IHL. I’ve made no secret of loving IPA on this blog so the prospect of an Anchor IPA on a hot June summers day is pretty mouth watering, right? From the moment I open the bottle cap I know it’s going to be special. The sweet smell of mango and bitter citrus flavours are wafting out of the slightly oblong shaped bottle.

It pours an absolutely incredibly golden dark orange colour with a nice foam on top. Then there’s the taste. All the flavours. So many great fruity, zesty, hoppy flavours bursting through. It’s a beautiful beer. It’s got all the best hops: cascade, bravo, citra, apollo along with a Munich and caramel barley malt. All the ingredients to make a special beer. Cheers Anchor Brewing you’re what makes craft beer so fucking wonderful.



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