REVIEW: Beavertown Skull King

Beavertown Brewery
Skull King Double IPA
Tottenham, London, UK

It is a close call between Pressure Drop and Beavertown for the best brewery in London in my opinion. However with the recent arrivals of Beavertown’s cans plus Bloody ‘Ell IPA I’m leaning towards the Tottenham based brewery.

Skull King is a Double IPA (sometimes referred to as a Imperial IPA/IIPA) and is a heavy hitting 8.7% so don’t expect to be drinking this by the pint load. It is the type of beer to cherish and a beer to most definitely enjoy on its own. As soon as I opened the can I got a whiff of sweet citrus fruits, wafting towards my ultra sensitive nose. This is the UK’s first ever Double IPA to be made in can format too, just another reason why Beavertown are the most exciting and forward thinking brewery in London.

The taste is just out of this world. It’s a beautiful blend of sweet, bitter with a burst of hops and most of all a big old fruit finish. As mentioned on various places on the internet it is ridiculously easy to drink (especially in this heat) which comes as quite a surprise for a beer pushing 10% ABV! A lethal combination. What a beer. Big up the Beavertown crew.

OVERALL: 4.5/5


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