Stone Brewing Co
California, USA

Stone Brewing Co is a brewery I’d always heard a lot about. It is talked about in the same way as places like Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam and so on. Launched in 1996, just eighteen years later it became the ninth biggest craft brewery in America, based on sales. Recently in 2015 the brewery announced it would launch a Berlin base, which will only enhance its reputation in Europe.

Launched in 1997 Stone IPA is all about hops. In fact, Stone Brewing Co is all about hops. They say their philosophy is a big love for big character ales. Stone IPA pours a lovely golden orange colour and has a sweet, crisp and citrus aroma to it.

It tastes like an absolute dream. Lots of hoppy bursts with exactly the right hint of sweetness and bitterness. Despite it being 6.9% it is super easy to drink and it’s a beer full of character and flavour. I can only imagine what it tastes like poured directly from the brewery out in California. One day I plan on finding out. You can totally see why Stone Brewing Co and this particular IPA are held in such high esteem by beer geeks and fellow breweries. It’s a class act.



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