REVIEW: To Øl Yeastus Christus

DenmarkTo Øl
Yeastus Christus
Copenhagen, Denmark

To OlKnowing that I was about go on a trip to Copenhagen I picked up a bottle by Danish gypsy breweries To Øl from Clapton Craft. How do you go about choosing a beer from a brewery unknown to you? Simply pick it based on the design of the bottle. Just to clarify, a gypsy brewery is one that doesn’t have a “stable” home and by that I mean they rely on other breweries for equipment and space.

The story of To Øl is a lovely one. They were students at College of Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (Mikkeller) around the time he was experimenting with beer and teaching. They later went on to found To Øl which stands for Two Beers. Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther founded the brewery in 2010 with the release of Overall IIPA, a collaborative beer with Mikkeller. I picked up Yeastus Christus based on the lovely bottle design and knew nothing about it.

The beer pours a lovely hazy orange colour and has a strong bitter smell to it. Having a read of the back of the beer leads me to think it might an IPA. As it describes it as a “Farmhouse IPA packed with hops and lactic bacterias, fresh pale and fruity sour.” I’ve seen this beer described as a sour beer but also a saison IPA. To me it is an example of a saison beer as I don’t get the sour description from the taste. It has a really zesty and bitter taste but certainly doesn’t taste like a 7.4% beer. When I was in Copenhagen I tried Sofa King and Markedspils by To Øl and loved both. I will be most definitely seeking out more beers by this Copenhagen gypsy brewery.



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