REVIEW: Anchor Brewing California Lager

Anchor Brewing Company
California Lager
San Francisco, California, USA

It’s hard to say anything bad about Anchor Brewing. They’ve opened my eyes up to lager, thanks mostly to Anchor Steam. All of their beers are tasty, interesting and they’ve been producing fantastic beer for a long time.

California Lager is a historic lager. The first ever lager was created in 1876 by a small brewery called Boca thanks thanks to an ice pond and a whole load of belief. Anchor Brewing re-created the historic beer and did so first in 2012. This type of thing makes me love Anchor Brewing more-so – they’ve taken a historic beer and paid homage to it.

I wouldn’t be lying when I said it smells a bit like a Kronenbourg but of course the taste far exceeds that very un-interesting and boring lager. Unlike most rubbish lagers it has a lot of interesting flavours going on including a sweetness you don’t tend to get with lager. It’s very light, refreshing and most definitely should be served cold on a hot summer’s day. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t go near a lager, but California Lager is another reason why you can make a lager well balanced and tasty.



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